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We hope you will join us for this 10 week bible study through the book of Philippians! We will be meeting on Wednesday mornings or Monday evenings starting January 24 & 29. We will meet in the MPR where we will have live teachings each week and time to discuss the material around tables.

A summary of Philippians:Living for Christ by Lydia Brownback:
“The book of Philippians describes the pain the apostle Paul endured as a follower of Christ. Writing to the church in Philippi, he declares that nothing-not even imprisonment-will stop him from rejoicing in the Lord. That’s because Jesus was Paul’s whole reason for living. Philippians, perhaps more than any other New Testament epistle, anchors believers in joy and a contagious passion for Christ.

Join Lydia Brownback as she walks chapter by chapter through the book of Philippians. Paul’s letter demonstrates the abundant joy that is possible through unity in Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. By understanding Philippians, believers learn how to find contentment in God, even during difficult times.”

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