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Preparing kids for a life long love of Jesus Christ
Intentional Equipping
Engaging Activities
Focused Discipleship

What is Basecamp?

The Basecamp class is uniquely constructed to meet the needs of our 4th and 5th grade students by focusing on their educational and spiritual needs. The program is designed to intentionally build a firm foundation that will help them prepare for what God has planned for their lives. When going on a journey individuals meet and first gather at the basecamp to ensure they have everything they need to have a successful endeavor. It is our prayer this class would serve in this manner for our children!

Basecamp's Mission

Basecamp aims to equip students with a knowledge of the foundational elements of Christianity, an understanding of spiritual disciplines, and provide instruction and practice with independent Bible study tools. We believe these 3 areas will produce the necessary fruit our children need for the development of their faith. 

Ascend Basecamp

Sundays – 8:00am Service
4th – 5th Grade

Ascend Basecamp, our class for 4th & 5th graders, is only available during the 8:00am service (9:30am and 11:00am services have programs for birth–3rd grade only).

Looking for birth–3rd grade kids’ ministries?

Ascend Kids Ministry


When is Basecamp offered?

Basecamp is offered during the 8:00am service in the North MPR.

Why won't Basecamp be offered in every service time?

It is our belief that structuring this class in this way will challenge students to work through their journey together. The relational aspect is important for the Christian life and we want to begin to develop that now at a young age. Offering the class during one service also frees up classroom space for the growing needs of our kids and adult ministries.

What can my child expect each week in Basecamp?

Each week the structure of the class will cover three main areas: an activity, large group teaching, and small group discussion.

Serve with Basecamp

If you are interested in joining our team of teachers and classroom helpers, email Jake Wimpey.

All applicants must complete a background check. 

    For any other questions:

    Contact Jake Wimpey with any questions by emailing at jwimpey@ascendkc.org or text or call (913) 669-3343

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