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Equipping youth with a biblical worldview for life
Fun Activities
Spiritual Growth
Worship Time

Your teens should be able to develop in a safe and biblical environment.

Ascend Student Ministry is more than just an opportunity for teens to meet weekly with their friends – it is a training ground for righteous living! Being a teenager is tough. These years are crucial to your teen’s spiritual growth, and here at Ascend, we believe that a biblical worldview is essential for their future.

What do we do?


students weekly with sound biblical teaching


students weekly with discipleship through small groups


students weekly through content-driven contemporary worship music


students through social events, service, camps, and evangelistic opportunities

When and Where?

Sunday nights at 4:00pm @ Ascend Church

Get Directions

Want to become a leader?

“Ascend Student Ministry is designed to be a safe place for students in 6th-12th grades to come and seek to learn and live together through our games, fellowship, worship, study, and discussion of God’s Word. Come join us as we seek to see how Jesus speaks to our daily needs and equips us to live a life pleasing to God. ”

– Lee White, Director of Student Ministry

For additional questions, contact Lee at 913-274-0557

Serve with Ascend Students

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