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Young Adults

Guiding you through early adulthood with the gospel
Wise Counsel
Biblical Discipleship
Fun & Fellowship

Young adults deserve a stable network of Bible-based support.

The years after high school are a time that can either set you up for spiritual success or spiritual disaster. This is a crucial time to be equipped with a biblical worldview that will serve as a “true north” to guide you through these potentially volatile years with timeless, unchanging, Christ-centered principles.

How do we help?

Ascend Young Adults is a safe space for college students and 20-somethings to connect with each other, benefit from biblical mentorship, and grow in Christ as you start your adult life.

Weekly Gathering!

Join us on Wednesday nights!
7:00pm at Ascend Church
(No gathering on the final Wednesday each month)

Don’t forget to check out our:
Ascend Young Adults Facebook

Ascend Young Adults will provide you with great moments for discipleship, spiritual growth, and personal growth.

Join us and get equipped to navigate through your twenties!

Serve with Ascend Young Adults

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