We’re excited about all that God is doing in our church and we are so excited about our new church launching this November! Keep checking back here for more updates on who we are as a church and all the spaces in our new building and what we are trusting God to do as we transition!

 Café Space

At Ascend we are so excited about our cafe space in our new building. We were very intentional about creating some space and setting it aside for you to enjoy a coffee and sit down to build relationships. Honestly, we hope that those conversations are the start of something much deeper. We want to see our community impacted, lives transformed and grown into the image of Christ. We see this all happening as a result of discipleship and we think our cafe is a great place for this to start and then springboard into the rest of the life of our church at Ascend!

We’re opening in November and would love to have you join us!!