Biblical Soul Care

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Chad McKinley
Director of Discipleship

“We all have struggles and hurts in life. God’s Word has all the wisdom that is needed to live in these hardships with joy and peace. We want to provide the specific wisdom and support for people, so they can discover the hope, joy and peace in their hardships.”

What is biblical soul care?


 Soul Care is a wonderful opportunity to receive biblical answers for the hard struggles of life. We want to minister to hurting people with the authoritative and sufficient Word of God, depending on the power of the Holy Spirit in the Community of our church, so that life transformation will happen. 



Are you in the need of help? Are you struggling to overcome a pattern of sin? Do you find yourself in a conflict? Have you lost hope?

Let us help you find truth, encouragement, and comfort as you see the hope of Jesus Christ. We will give you biblical answers to help you walk through the storms of life.

 Download and fill out our Biblical Soul Care application.  It is a fillable PDF file so it can be filled out and saved on your computer.  After saving the PDF, you can either:

Print it out, sign it and return it to the church office to the attention of Nicole Neal or Chad McKinley. Or, attach your completed PDF to an email addressed to:


If you have trouble connecting with us and are in an emergency situation, please call 911 immediately.